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Name : ReN-ReN
Age : 22 (going 23 in Feb'08)
Birthday : 20 February 1986
School : Petra Christian University Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia


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Minggu, Desember 30, 2007
This two day I feel so lonely.... I don't know why. All I know, I feel I think need someone near me. Just for accompany me. Make me feel that I'm not lonely. But what I need the most are someone that really, really, really need me. That would treat me like no one else can take my place. I'm the only one that he needs. Yeah, something like that (Sorry for my bad English structure and grammar, I've studied English language for long time - until now, but still not good enough). But no one treat me or even just say it for make me happy. Because some man say great thing for me, make a promise, but thats all just "Big talk"!! No real action. The last thing that they do before dump me, just hurting me. Broken my heart in pieces. (some of my ex do it, some of them I'm the one whom dumped them because of some reason).
Ga tau kenapa, meski aku punya banyak teman, tapi tetep aja aku merasa kesepian (bukannya ga mensyukuri kalo aku punya banyak temen, ya tiba2 aja ngrasa gitu). Really Lonely and Boring!!!!!
Sometimes I think there is something wrong with my self. But I tried to be positive thinking on my self. I don't know what happen. But for now, I only have one wish, I wish I get someone that can accompany me, makes me comfort, happy, and makes me feel that I'm not alone. 'Coz I have "this person". "The Only One For Me" ^_^


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