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Name : ReN-ReN
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Birthday : 20 February 1986
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Kamis, Februari 07, 2008
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Chinese New year Graphic Comments

Happy Chinese New Year 2008 everybody!!! Wishing Happiness, Good Health and Prosperity in your family!! My family too of course!!!
But I cant home (in SOLO) this year. Because of my MKN. And I'm alone at home. Feel so sad...
Although alone at home, but I'm not feel lonely. Cause my sister dog, ROU, accompany me. I feed him, play with him, and brush his fur so he look so nice and not look messy. Actually, he looks cute right now.
I think thats all for today. C ya!!

NB: Dont forget to send me ANGPAO. OK?? hahahahahaha :-p

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